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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of common questions asked by our clients. If you would like additional information not found here, or if you would like to set up a cleaning appointment, contact us or call 248.714.5742.

Will 2 Moms & A Mop send the same cleaning crew to every cleaning?

The same crew of two will clean your home each and every time. In the event of illness or vacation, at least one of the regular crew members will be there with the alternate employee.

How can we trust 2 Moms & A Mop?

With 2 Moms & A Mop you are protected. Our employees are background checked, insured and bonded. They are required to wear a uniform so they can be identified as our staff. They are thoroughly trained by 2 Moms & A Mop before ever entering your home.

What if something is broken or damaged during the cleaning?

We treat each home with great care, but accidents do sometimes happen. If we damage or break anything while cleaning, we will repair or replace the item at no charge to the customer.

How do I pay for the cleaning?

For residential clients, payment is due at the time of service. We offer a variety of payment methods including check, Visa/MasterCard/Discover and Paypal.

Do I need to be home when the cleaning crew arrives?

The customer decides whether they feel they need to be home. We do not require you to be home, but rest assured, we will take great care of your home and secure the home before we leave.

Can 2 Moms & A Mop guarantee Customer Satisfaction?

2 Moms & A Mop will follow up after the cleaning to ensure that our customer is satisfied. If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the work, we will come back out the next day to reclean the area of concern with no questions asked. We will continually follow up with the customer to guarantee satisfaction after each cleaning.

Will 2 Moms & A Mop provide the cleaning supplies and equipment?

We do provide any and all of the cleaning supplies which we bring to each cleaning. We understand that some customers prefer to supply their own products. We will review all cleaner requirements with each client.

2 Moms & A Mop is proud to use all natural cleaning products because we believe that cleaning can be done without toxic chemicals that can endanger the health of our clients.

Let us make a healthy environment for you!